Vendita e assistenza tecnica macchine utensili / retrofitting

About us

C.N.S. srl company introduces itself to its potential partners

C.N.S. Srl (operating since 1992 in the fields of assistance, automation and sale of tooling-machines) is glad to introduce itself to its customers, by itemising its potentiality in carrying out the activities performed and also beeing on site in its own area.

Concise historic outline.

Foundation of CNS srl, founded by the technicians of OCN-PPL numeric controls who used to work for Olivetti company. It also enters into an exclusive contract with OCN-PPLfor the technical after-sales assistance within Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria regions.
  • It dealt with:
  • Servicing for machine tools
  • Overhauling of machine tools
  • Construction and conversion of machine tools
Number of employees: 3
It becomes the official dealer for the sale of machining centres by OCN srl (this company in the meantime had started the manufacturing of horizontal machining centres by OCN-PPL)
Number of employees: 9
CNS Srl moves to the new headquarters in Via F.lli Scardovi, 1.000 sm. The existing activity of retrofitting of machine tools is improved.
Number of employees: 12
Takeover of the line of business of OCN srl and foundation of OCN 2000 which, until 2002, built many horizontal machining centres of the HORIZON line.
Number of employees: 15
Creation of C.N.S. Trading s.r.l. with the aim of keeping sales apart from the all the other kind of activities. Enlargement of the industrial warehouse up to 4.600 sm.
Number of employees: 22
Turn-over of the technical staff, from an exclusive knowledge of Olivetti Osai to Fanuc, too. Takeover of CDM srl company in order to carry out the technical assistance in Lombardia and Piedmonte regions.
Number of employees: 28
Foundation of Snap Robotics srl with the aim of engineering, manufacturing, selling and dealing with the assistance of customized automation products for the control of machine tools with Robot, Portali, Torri, Stoker and welding equipments. Official Integrators of FANUC Robotics. Increase of the internal human resources staff through the creation of an engineering division with the aim of supporting the CNS group. Start of the cooperation with LAMBER-MAC for the importation from Taiwan of vertical machining centres by KENT and of lathes by ALEX- TECH.
Number of employees: 30
Purchase of the LAMBER-MAC trade-mark and agreement for the exclusivity on imports to Italy of CNS vertical machining centres by Kent and CNS lathes by Alex-tech. Increase in the number of products imported from Taiwan. Creation of a capillary sales network in the whole country for the sale of products and services of the CNS Group.
Number of employees: 32
Engineering and manufacturing of the new H70horizontal machining centre.
Enlargement of the plant: 5000 square meters more to improve the manufacturing needs of the companies in the group.
Number of employees: 40
Reinforcement of the marketing net and enlargement to other regions thanks to some new dealers.
Number of employees: 40
Design and manufacture of boring machines for cylinders.
Number of employees: 40
Enlargement of the plant: 5000 square meters more to improve the manufacturing needs of the companies in the group.
Number of employees: 40
Design and manufacture of external grinders equipped with a dedicated software. Plant's renovation to adapt it to the new standards of the market.
Number of employees: 38
Upgrade in the range of offered machining centres by the introduction of 5 axis working centers and manufacturing of vertical machining centres equipped with CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530 hsci.
The sales net was increased and new agents were involved in the organisation.
Import of multitasking machining centres and 5 axis working centers. An exclusive supply contract for grinding machines distribution was signed between CNS Srl and Kent, Taiwan.
Import and management of gantry machines. Increasing knowledge in CNC Siemens. Manufacturing of machining centers equipped with CNC Fagor 8060.
Development and manufacture of a new kind of 5 axis machining centers equipped with movable upright (MV-205). Enlargement of the service net by engagement of high qualified personnel.
Number of employees: 40.
Development and increasing of 5 axis machining centers equipped with movable upright. Takeover of MEDORI MACCHINE. 
Development and realization of the sales network dedicated to portal adjustments. (No. of employees 75)